MSafe is the one-stop-shop digital assets management solution on Sui

An official launch partner of Mysten Labs

Trusted by Gaming, DeFi, NFT, Infra Leaders and Partners on Sui

Security-First Assets Management

The most secure solution to manage on-chain assets


  • Remove single points of failure
  • Decentralize assets management
  • Non-custodial


  • Minimize the key holder risk
  • Co-signers can restore team access if one signer’s key is lost or compromised

Fully Audited Code

  • Audited by top security auditors OtterSec and MoveBit
  • Trusted by Mysten Labs and top projects on Sui blockchain

Best-in-Class User Experience

Get the best of both worlds - security and ease of use

Smooth User Experience

  • Easy account setup
  • Intuitive UI, navigation
  • Convenient address management
  • SMS & email notifications

Accounting Made Easy

  • View dashboard for account summary
  • View & search pending or completed transactions
  • Assign weight to different co-managers


  • Create an unlimited number of Maven accounts
  • Full view of each account
  • Easily toggle between Maven accounts

Customer-Centric Features

Real Time Data Aggregation

The first multi-sig solution for businesses & communities to securely hold assets and scale treasury workflow on Sui

Address Book Management

Easily name and manage wallet addresses of recipients and co-managers, simplify data entry for recurring transfers

Transaction Queue

Easily see transactions progress through the multi-signature process (e.g. approval, rejection by co-managers)

Notification Subscription

Subscribe to email and SMS notifications, so account co-mangers / co-signers can get instant notifications on approval requests and transaction execution status.

Spending Limit

A powerful feature that is perfect for token vesting, payrolls management that require time-based transactions with pre-set withdrawal amounts.

Broad Range of Web3 Entities Taking Full Advantage of Maven Treasury Management


Enable true decentralized asset management by communities

Token Management

Token vesting, validator rewards distribution in a true decentralized fashion


Manage DeFi revenue with peace of mind


Secure your team’s assets and rewards for your gaming community

NFT Marketplaces

Avoid rug pulls with most secure digital assets management capabilities

Network Validators

Access and manage validator rewards with confidence and flexibility

We Are Backed by the Best