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MSafe is proud to introduce MPay

Jan 20, 2024

an asset streaming protocol that supports token vesting, payroll, and rewards distribution for DAOs and crypto-native businesses worldwide.

MSafe NFT Giveaway

Aug 11, 2023

Win MSafe VIP NFTs through participating in events co-sponsored with Pontem Network, Topaz Market and Crust Network

MSafe Multi-Sig Live on Sui Mainnet

May 4, 2023

MSafe launches first and only multi-sig, non-custodial solution on Sui mainnet

MSafe’s NFT Mint: How To Register For WL

April 2, 2023

How to register for MSafe Jays on April 15th

What The Heck Is A Multi-Sig Wallet

March 17, 2023

Why multi-signature non-custodial wallets are needed for securely holding and transacting digital assets such as cryptocurrency, NFT.

MSafe Raises $5 Million Seed for Developing Multi-Signature Wallet Solutions

Jan 5 2023

MSafe offers enhanced security to scale Web3 financial services.

MSafe Q4 2022 Product Update

Dec 19 2022

Besides integrating with Pontem, Martian, Keystone, we also integrated the following single-sig wallets with MSafe multi-sig wallet to make MSafe accessible to more digital asset holders.

MSafe Security Audit Reports

Nov 10 2022

MSafe is a security-first digital asset management solutions provider and platform. MSafe exemplifies security-centric mindset and product development by making sure that our own code is secure, robust and ..

MSafe Multi-Sig Live on Aptos Mainnet

Oct 18 2022

We are proud to announce that MSafe multi-signature wallet solution is now live on Aptos mainnet! We are one of the first batch of smart contracts that have deployed on Aptos mainnet.

The Best Practice to Deploy Move Modules on Aptos

Oct 14 2022

MOVE, a rising smart contract language, is getting increasingly more attraction from developer communities as the upcoming launch of Aptos and SUI.

Announcing M-Safe Multi-sig Wallet on the MOVE Ecosystem, the New Age of Security is Here!

Oct 9 2022

Multisignature wallets are cryptocurrency wallets that require multiple cryptographic signatures from a pre-defined owner group to execute a transaction.

Owning Digital Assets Requires Secure & Decentralized Custody Solutions

Nov 16 2022

While FTX, valued at $32 billion just a few months ago, was spiraling down to bankruptcy in a matter of days, the exchange users suffered unthinkable financial losses and emotional stress.

Thousands of Solana Wallets Hacked — The Biggest Lessons Learnt!

Oct 25 2022

Multisignature wallets are cryptocurrency wallets that require multiple cryptographic signatures from a pre-defined owner group to execute a transaction.

Treasury Management

One of the key use cases enabled by the MSafe wallet is treasury management. By putting an entity’s treasury into a multi-sig wallet, stakeholders can safeguard the treasury in a collaborative manner.

Smart Contract Deployment & Update

By leveraging MSafe’s full on-chain interoperability, developers can use MSafe Wallet as the contract deployer or admin role to decentralize the ownership of the protocol.

Protocol Admin Control

By using a multi-sig wallet like MSafe, admin control functions can be safely executed, avoiding single points of failures or fraudulent activities by a single bad actor.

dApp Store Integration

MSafe dApp Store allows users to interact with any third party dApp UI that has integrated with MSafe. Integrating a dApp with the MSafe dApp Store enables multiple approvals for a dApp function call.