We are excited to announce that MSafe’s multi-signature digital management solution is now live on Sui mainnet! As an official launch partner of Mysten Labs, MSafe is the first and only multi-sig, non-custodial digital asset management solution available on Sui mainnet since day 1.  MSafe is centered around security, decentralization and ease-of-use to store, manage and transact on-chain with peace of mind. Now Web3 projects and developers on the Sui / Move ecosystem can take advantage of MSafe to securely manage team treasury, investment funds, and token vesting with ease. 

MSafe on Sui integrated with the following single-sig wallets:

  • Suiet, Martian, Sui Wallet, Ethos Wallet;any of these single-sig wallets can be used to register an MSafe multi-sig account in a few minutes.  

MSafe on Sui allows users to:

  • Create a multi-sig wallet, set threshold (minimum number of signatures required 
  • Add and remove co-signer and payment recipient address
  • Deposit funds and click to view transactions on the Sui explorer
  • Transfer tokens
  • Register tokens
  • Reject a transaction
  • View pending and completed transactions
  • Open multiple MSafe multi-sig accounts 
  • Switch to other MAVEN accounts in the same window

Coming soon:

  • Multi-chain assets support
  • Notification subscription

Web3 users have always had to choose between security and convenience. Try MSafe on Sui now to enjoy the best of both worlds - security and ease of use!