MSafe offers enhanced security to scale Web3 financial services

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — January 05, 2022 — MSafe, a trailblazer in developing the first multi-signature wallet solution on the Aptos / Move ecosystem, today announced the completion of a $5 million USD seed round. This financing round was led by Jump Crypto with participation from Circle Ventures, Coinbase Ventures, Superscrypt (founded by Temasek), Redpoint Ventures, SV Angel, Shima Capital, Spartan Group and more.

Since deploying the first multi-signature wallet on Aptos mainnet in Oct 2022, MSafe has been gaining fast growing adoption by decentralized exchange (DEX), decentralized finance (DeFi), non-fungible token (NFT) developers and more. MSafe’s wallet solution is designed to deliver outstanding security, full interoperability, and true decentralization, addressing the core challenges in mass adoption of digital assets. Built on Move, a safe and secure programming language for Web3, MSafe adds an additional layer of security on top of Move, protecting user wallets, assets, code, and accounts, as well as providing a secure infrastructure for the Move-based Web3 ecosystem. Scalable for enterprises, organizations, and individual users, MSafe connects businesses to the Move-based ecosystem and helps secure assets while enabling teams to co-manage on-chain assets together.

Led by Wendy Fu (CEO), who was previously at Meta’s Diem project and a founding member of Novi wallet; Jacky Wang (CTO), a former senior core-protocol developer at Harmony, more than a dozen of top Move-based projects on Aptos have already integrated with MSafe for treasury management, smart contract deployment and blockchain protocol administrative control.

“We created MSafe with a mission to provide more secure and decentralized financial services to scale digital assets management and transaction on-chain. Starting with the multi-sig non-custodial wallet, we aspire to be a one-stop destination for institutions, enterprises, and individuals to manage and grow their digital assets,” said Wendy Fu, Founder and CEO, MSafe.

“MSafe’s non-custodial digital asset management platform offers best-in-class security, decentralization and flexibility needed by organizations. We are excited to support MSafe’s strong team with ambitious goals and capabilities to scale web3 financial services,” said Saurabh Sharma, Head of Investments, Jump Crypto.

MSafe will use the proceeds to grow its team, develop its product portfolio, and scale product adoption.

About MSafe

MSafe (aka Momentum Safe) was founded in Aug 2022 by experienced blockchain & digital asset wallet developers, with HQ in Silicon Valley. As a wallet-as-a-service provider, MSafe specializes in providing multi-signature wallet solutions centered around security, interoperability and decentralization. MSafe, launched the first multi-sig wallet solution for the Aptos / Move-based ecosystem. MSafe is backed by notable investors in Web3 and Web2, such as Jump Crypto, Circle Ventures, Coinbase Ventures, Superscrypt, Redpoint Ventures, SV Angel, Shima Capital, and Spartan Group.

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