*USER REGISTRATION STARTS AT April 11th and ends whenever capacity is filled. Random snapshots starts Apr 15th, ends May 15th.

MSafe is partnering up with Topaz to bring you our very first NFT campaign; Mint Here’s a short guide to who is eligible and how to participate.

What are MSafe Jays?

MSafeJays are a highly adaptable breed of blue jays that can survive and thrive in any environment, from the frigid cold of a crypto winter to the sweltering heat of an alien planet. These birds are shrouded in mystery, with their ability to navigate through the vast expanse of space and land on any planet they desire, as if by magic. Some say that they possess a special kind of intuition that allows them to anticipate and prepare for any challenge that comes their way, while others believe that they are the chosen messengers of a secret intergalactic society. Regardless of their origins, one thing is for sure: if you ever spot one in the wild, consider yourself lucky, for you have witnessed a true cosmic marvel. (It’s crazy how you see them and they’re actually pixelated in real life, pretty bizarre)

User rules:

*Note, you MUST register your MSafe wallet in order to participate in this event!

We’ve separated what you can win into 2 categories:

Category 1 - By Avg Daily Balance of Your MSafe Wallet during a 30-day period 

Note: Your balance will only be counted if the coin/assets are approved by the Hippo coin adapter; please double check to ensure your coin is adaptable.  

  • $500 or more has a chance to claim a legendary NFT (For those that win Legendary, you do not need to mint. MSafe will send out these NFTs to you)
  • $100 or more has a chance to claim and mint a diamond NFT
  • $20 or more has a chance to claim and mint a VIP NFT
*Subject to change

Category 2 - By # of Transactions within MSafe Wallet during a 30-day period (Sending TXNs from MSafe wallet, not receiving)

  • 10 TXN has a chance to claim and mint a diamond level NFT (2nd most rare)
  • 5 TXN has a chance to claim and mint a VIP level NFT

You can potentially win up 2 NFTs of varying levels of rarity, if you meet both categories of rules.

*Note: This will have to be accomplished WITHIN the time frame. April 15th - May 15th.

Who’s qualified for WL?

The snapshot event will start at April 15th, and will end May 15th.

Those who have our Community Elite in our discord or who have an OAT in your MSafe are qualified for WL, but spots are limited, first come first serve!

Wen/Where will minting start?

Topaz, Minting starts May 22nd 10AM PT

How to claim NFTs on minting date

  1. On May 22nd 10AM users who have qualified for their Diamond NFTs will be granted access to claim their NFTs.
  1. If after 4 hours some NFTs have not been claimed yet, we will open up the remaining NFTs to the ones who have won the VIP NFTs. First come first serve!